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Our Cattle

Red and Black

On our farm we raise Red and Black Angus cattle which are two of the most popular and successful breeds of beef cattle in the world. Red Angus was developed in Scotland in the 1800s and is now the most widely used beef breed in North America, while Black Angus originated in Scotland in the early 1800s and is the second most popular breed in North America. Red Angus is known for their deep red color and muscular angularity, while Black Angus is known for their solid black color and their long, curved faces. Both breeds have thick coats and long, curved horns. Red Angus is usually slightly larger in size than Black Angus, with a larger frame and more muscle mass. Both breeds are known for their superior meat quality; both are prized for their tender meat and high marbling content. Red Angus tends to produce higher-yielding carcasses, while Black Angus are known for their superior marbling. Both breeds are also known for their excellent feed efficiency, meaning they can convert feed into muscle quickly, resulting in a higher amount of beef per animal.

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