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Our Farm

On our farm, we raise Grass-fed Angus beef in a natural, pasture-based approach which result in high-quality beef that is both healthier and more flavorful. Angus beef is renowned for its superior marbling, which contributes to its tenderness, juiciness, and flavor.

On our grass-fed premium Angus beef cattle farms, cows are raised on lush, green pastures that are free of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals. This means that the cows are not exposed to any hormones or antibiotics. Instead, the cows are allowed to graze on the nutrient-rich grass and are occasionally supplemented with small amounts of hay and feed to ensure they are getting all the nutrition they need to stay healthy and happy.


Our Story

Local Family Farm

Our name originates from the creek that runs through Banner Elk NC. Our family has deep roots in Western North Carolina, specifically in the town of  Banner Elk NC, since the late 1700's,  and that is the inspiration for the naming of our farm and cattle operation. The Shawneehaw Creek is named after a tree that grows along its banks, the Shawneehaw Tree (Cherokee). The tree is also known as the Serviceberry tree. The Cherokee National Forest is near the town of Banner Elk.
Shawneehaw Creek begins on the Southeastern slopes of Beech Mountain in Watauga NC and runs to the town of Banner Elk, where it flows into the mill pond and joins the Elk Creek. The outflow from the millpond is known as the Elk River, which flows down past the town of Elk Park NC. 
     Our family owns several companies other than Shawneehaw Farms and Shawneehaw Cattle Company, and one of them is Elk River Development. We love our family and its rich heritage and that carries through all of our dealings, both Family and business. Matt and Angee Adams are joined by their five children and their families in the daily running and management of their business operations and are pleased to be able to bring high-quality beef, responsibly raised and expertly delivered to you. We hope you love our beef as much as we do and join our family in the preparation of the best quality meals that are responsibly sourced.  As we like to say, Shawneehaw Cattle Company is raising the Steaks !

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